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Abecedaire Education's Learning Suite for interactive lessons is available for licensing.

Benefit from our premium library of original titles.

Discover a range of learning games and apps across maths, languages, history, art and literacy.

Available in our catalogue:


Victorian Britain
Cursive Writing Practice
Timeline of inventions
Roman Numerals
Ancient Greek alphabet
Viking alphabet
Grammar word search
Spelling Practice Year 1 and 2
Spelling Practice Year 3 and 4
English Spelling and Grammar
Pre-Cursive Writing Practice
Dinosaurs Fossils
Ink Brush
History Word Search
World History For kids
Ancient Rome for kids
Ancient Greece For Kids
Viking For kids
World War One For Kids
History Doodle
History Quiz
Multiplication games
Can you count in French
French Animal Alphabet
English Friends
Japanese for Kids
My First Chinese Characters
Art History For kids
The Great Explorers


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